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What is the importance of this research?

The cause of atopic eczema is unknown so far and can therefore not be treated by western medicine as such. Treated are the symptoms. In cause of eczema in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is seen as an imbalance in energy. A different view and approach so that a possible cause can be treated with the herbal formula as composed for this study. The following points have been determined to provide insight into the effectiveness of the herbal formula on atopic eczema:


  • the relationship between high cortisol levels and eczema

  • the effects of the herbal formulas on lowering high cortisol levels

  • the effects of the herbal formula on symptoms

  • the effects on improving emotional imbalance and disturbed sleep, reducing atopic eczema symptoms


What we also know is that long-term use of regular medications is often necessary. That can lead to adverse side effects such as skin damage and suppression of the immune system. Therefore the insights of this study could contribute to a different approach, a more safe and longterm solution.


"Researching new insights through modern scientific research is therefore desperately needed!"






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