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What is being investigated?

The research

The aim of this research is to provide insight into the effectiveness of the herbal formula on the symptoms of atopic eczema and on the stress experienced by this group. It is clear that stress makes eczema symptoms worse. It is therefore interesting to investigate whether calming this stress factor has an effect on the skin eczema.


The main herb in the formula is Radix Rehmannia. Various studies have shown that this herb has an effect on inhibiting inflammation, swelling, itching and lowering cortisol. In the formula composition, certain actions of the herbs are mutually extra supported, reinforced or inhibited by the other ingredients. This creates a targeted approach to the effect of the main herb and the characteristics of the eczema are treated in a broad sense.


With this example we show how one herb affects several aspects and symptoms of eczema and why a formula was chosen. The combination found in the treatment of the stress factor and the characteristics of the eczema make this research specific and interesting for this target group.


The oral mucosa test used in this study can provide insight into the relationship between the stress-increased cortisol levels and eczema. In addition, the 'Quality of life app' is used to monitor how the participant feels.

What is innovative about this research?

For the time being, the regular treatment of eczema is aimed at alleviating the symptoms. The treatment consists mainly of ointment therapy, both with neutral ointments and creams and with hormone ointments. In addition, there are treatment options such as light therapy and immunosuppressive drugs.


Various studies have shown that eczema is made worse by stress and emotional imbalance. High cortisol levels are then released, which damage the skin, in addition to other adverse health complaints. It is therefore investigated to what extent the composition influences the lowering of stress levels in the body and the atopic eczema.


This modern scientific research on the effects of the chosen herbal formula contributes to renewed insights and can open a door to collaboration with regular healthcare.


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