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Vrouwelijke dokter

What happens after registration?

We will first contact you by phone to get acquainted. If you then decide to participate, we will start planning for the coming two months.

You will receive the consent form below for signature.

  • I know participating in the study is voluntary

  • I have read and understood the information on this site before participating

  • I can ask additional questions to the researcher

  • I understand that I can stop participating in the study at any time and I do not need to give a reason if I want to stop the study. There are also no consequences for me if I stop during the trial of this study

  • I know that herbal remedies (herbs) are not necessarily safe. There may also be side effects with the use of these ingredients

  • I give permission that after the research the coded (in connection with the privacy legislation) research data will be kept for 15 years

  • I know some people can see my data. These people are listed in the information letter for participation. I give permission for this

  • I want to participate in this study and will follow the instructions as given for the study

Together we plan your visits for the 2 research months

You will be assigned to the practice in Amsterdam, Alkmaar or Zaandam for your 15-minute visit, which takes place once every two weeks to:


  • collect your capsules for two weeks

  • to have the oral mucosa test administered

  • to have one or two photos of the eczema taken, always in the same location (these photos are anonymized)

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