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Why is your support for this scientific research on atopic eczema needed?

In the industrialized countries, 1 - 3% of adults are affected by some form of eczema.  About 400,000 people in the Netherlands suffer from this skin condition. Atopic eczema has a negative influence on the quality of life and has a deeper cause. The cause of atopic eczema is as yet unknown and therefore cannot be treated on a regular basis. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a cause is seen in an imbalance in energy. A different view and approach whereby a possible cause can be treated with the herbal formula as formulated for this study. 

What we also know is that long-term use of regular medications is often necessary. This can lead to adverse side effects such as skin damage and suppression of the immune system. 

"Researching new insights through modern scientific research is therefore urgently needed!"


All members of our team have one core values in common; enable greater collaboration between mainstream medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Each in his own specialism, knowledge and skills is committed to promoting integral medicine. 


Our vision is about a collaboration between dermatologists and complementary therapists in the field of atopic eczema to give the patient the most effective treatment possible. In addition, we see the need for more research on the applicability of herbal formulations for both topical and internal medicine.

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